Hello and welcome to Love All Mine! My name is Lynita; while I am new to blogging, I am not new to experiencing the trials and tribulations of life. I started Love All Mine to show everyone that you can love everything about you. As a mother and a wife, I understand the everyday struggles of life and how easy it can be to lose yourself. Just relax and let life happen; change the things you can change and learn to accept the things you can’t change. Every experience, whether positive or negative is a life lesson. There are always ways to overcome the negative experiences in your life and use them as steppingstones. Although I am not a professionally licensed therapist or psychiatrist, I have learned some techniques that have helped me to improve myself. While life is always a challenge, I believe experience is the best teacher, and I want to motivate you to use your skills to elevate your life. Remember, change is constant; nothing is permanent.