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It is never easy to end a relationship when you love someone. You are not a terrible person because you end a toxic relationship; you are saving yourself. I completely understand that you feel like you are leaving a piece of yourself, but it is for the best.

In time your heart will heal, and you will find love again. Always remember that it is essential for you to love yourself first, even in a relationship. Of course, if you are not happy in a relationship, you are slowly killing yourself. I want to share six ways of getting out of a toxic relationship.

Support From Friends And Family

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Support from friends and family– Since you have decided to leave the relationship, you will need your friends’ assistance. People who have been in toxic relationships need help because this change is a process. Sometimes people return to the toxic relationship because it is a comfort zone for them. That is why you need to find a supportive family member or friend to help you heal.

Talk to Your Partner

Talk to your partner – It is good to express your feelings to your partner. Of course, you have to let them know that the relationship is over. However, never blame your partner. Not to mention that you have to make sure that you stand your ground. Leaving the person you love is hard. They will do everything to make you stay.


Decision– Once you have decided to leave, stick by it. I know it’s going to be hard at first because you love this person, and you believe they could change. Sometimes people change and sometimes they don’t. However, when they don’t improve, you need to move on to be happy. When you think about going back, think about all of the negative feelings you felt when you were in the relationship.

Benefits of Leaving

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Benefits of leaving– You can be you again. Start enjoying your life because you will feel like you again. No more walking on eggshells. No more feeling down and depressed. Finally, you can find a person to be happy with and share your life.


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Positivity – Surround yourself with positive people. Positive people help to lift your spirits at this time; that is what you need. Get out of the house and enjoy yourself. Go out to eat, go for a walk with friends, or stay in and watch an inspiring movie with your friends. Stay positive as much as you can and believe me; you will receive positive results.

Block Him

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Block Him – Yes. You have to block him from your social media and other ways that he can contact you. However, if you have children together, only speak to him regarding the children. Avoid all other topics when you converse because you don’t want to fall back into that trap.

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