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You could be in a toxic relationship and not even know it because you are used to it. Or you may not know what a toxic relationship is. Well, let me tell you what a toxic relationship is. A toxic relationship is when you always feel drained or unhappy in your relationship. It is also when there is competition, lack of togetherness, and disrespect constantly in a relationship. Of course, all relationships have their good and bad days. But every day should not feel like a bad one. Here are some signs to tell you if you’re in a toxic relationship.


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1. Jealousy- A little bit of jealousy is okay. However, if your partner is always jealous, that is a red flag. If you cannot say hello to the mailman without your partner asking, “Are you seeing him?” that is a considerable jealousy problem.

Little Support

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2. Little support – Your relationship is not supported. Your other half is not supportive of your goals, and your time spent together is no longer favorable.

Ignoring Your Needs

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3. Ignoring your needs- Doing whatever your partner wants to do, even if you don’t want to do it. Let’s say your partner wants you to go with them on a trip when that date is inconvenient. And you cancel your plans to make your partner happy.


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4. Controlling – Your partner has to know where you are ALL the time. They can become upset when you don’t answer their call or text immediately.


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5. Passive-aggressive – Your partner is angry with you often, refusing to tell you why they are mad. They often give you the silent treatment.

Tear down self-esteem

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6. Tear down self-esteem– Your partner criticizes you all the time. Asking questions like

“Why are you wearing so much makeup?” 

“Why are you going out with your sister? I thought you were staying at home with me.”

“What are you putting in your hair? I don’t like it.”

These questions can tear down your self-esteem.

Lousy Communication

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7. Lousy communication – You may stop speaking to one another. Or instead of being kind to one another when you conversate, you criticize and use sarcasm when speaking to one another. 

Being Dishonest

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8. Being dishonest- If you find yourself making up lies to tell your partner where you have been so, you don’t have to spend time with your partner.

Toxic Financial Habit

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9. Toxic financial habit- If your partner is spending large amounts of money without consulting you.


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10. Disrespectful-Always being late and forgetting important dates is a sign of being disrespectful to you. On the other hand he expects you to respect him.

Constant Stress

11. Constant stress- If you are always stressed in your relationship, it is not healthy for you emotionally and physically. Not to mention stress causes depression and being depressed will make you not want to be around people you love.

Stop Caring

12. Stop caring- Of course, if you’re at a point in the relationship where you stop caring about it, you are most likely in a toxic relationship. However, once you stop caring you lose feelings for the other person.

Feeling Like Your Partner Is Not Listening

13. Feeling like your partner is not listening to you- It is essential that both people feel like their listening to each other. The relationship is one-sided if you’re listening, and the other person is not. So both partners must be involved in listening to each other.


14. Competition- So there is no more friendly competition in your relationship. Friendly competition can be fun. If the competition is stressful, that is a sign of a toxic relationship.


15. Blame- you take the blame for everything that goes wrong. Of course, not taking the blame is a sign that your partner doesn’t take responsibility and their toxic.


16. Fear- A toxic relationship has plenty of anxiety. However, if your partner makes you feel like you can’t share your thoughts and feelings, you need to leave the relationship. Your partner is supposed to accept you for you, and you shouldn’t be afraid to share your thoughts and feelings.


17.Manipulation- Your partner makes unreasonable demands. They do this to satisfy they’re on needs and fill voids within themselves.


18. Resentment-Your partner may look at your accomplishments and resent you because they are not where they want to be in life. They see your success as a threat to your superiority.


19. Sorry-If you are continually telling your significant other sorry you are in a toxic relationship. A poisonous partner likes to make it seem like everything is your fault. Both parties need to be willing to accept the fact that you messed up. Being sorry should never be just one-sided because there are two people in the relationship, and we all make mistakes.

Not Enjoying Anything More

20. Not enjoying anything anymore- A toxic person loves to call the shots. They want you to do what they want only. So you begin to enjoy things less because you are not doing anything that you like to do.

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