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Congratulations. You’re pregnant. Right now you’re ecstatic, and so is your significant other. Of course, your world is about to change. If you are anything like I was, you are probably thinking about going to doctor appointments with your spouse and decorating the nursery to welcome your new baby. Of course, having a baby is a huge responsibility. Although you and your significant other are on cloud nine, things will not be perfect. Now, there will be times when both of you are under a lot of pressure.

Some people believe that problems start after the baby is born. In fact, tensions start the minute you find out you’re pregnant. Think about it for a minute. Of course, the woman is going through a variety of feelings, but what about the man. Although he is not physically pregnant, men do go through emotions. However, the pregnancy can set the relationship stage for after the baby is born. So, it is essential to work together and work out the kinks in your relationship. Here are some ways that pregnancy affects your relationship.

**Pre-existing Relationship Conditions**

Every relationship goes through ups and downs. Of course, there is no way of getting around that. However, when you are in a relationship, and you find out that you are pregnant. It is a good idea for both of you to make sure your foundation is strong. Otherwise, when the child is born, the relationship may crumble.

What you and your partner could do:

Pros – Examine the good things about your relationship. Find ways to keep the good stuff secure in the relationship. Don’t think negative.

Cons- Examine the bad things in the relationship. Find ways to make these bad things right. It is essential to realize that connections are more emotional during pregnancy. So do not dwell on the wrong things in the relationship. Remember that love is the glue that will hold you two together. 

**Mood Swings**

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Pregnancy is complex. It can make you happy, sad, or angry. And these mood swings can affect your relationship. Of course, you will have days where you want to be with your partner. Then again, there are those days where you want to be alone. Now, this can make your spouse feel crazy. Because they think that they might have done something wrong. The both of you could be out enjoying a beautiful day, and then you start crying. Your spouse asks you, “What’s wrong?” You snap and become very angry.

What could your partner do?

Patience Yes, it is crucial to have patience. Although, you may want to scream and yell at your wife, DON’T. Just bear with her and remember that she is going through a lot of changes.

Touching- Try to give your woman a gentle massage. Rub her hands and hug her. Show her some love and affection.

Humor Of course, it is good to maintain a sense of humor. While you may be upset at the way your wife is treating you, try to understand. However, sometimes, you have to laugh to keep from crying.

What you could do:

Control Feelings – Of course, I understand the challenges of being pregnant. However, it is possible to control your moods. You have to think first before you act. Try to take a deep breath when something is bothering you. Remember, your significant other is there to support you.

Find the positive in the negative– Your physical appearance is changing. However, you may feel huge. Like I did when I was pregnant. Just understand you are not alone. Above all, you must remember that your partner loves you even more now that you’re pregnant. Embrace your pregnancy glow.

Embrace Affection- Do not reject your partner. Allow him to show his affection, and you show some love as well.


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Even though your other half is excited about you having the baby, he may feel neglected. People will begin to show you more attention than him. He may start to hate when people continually ask him how you are doing. However, for the entire pregnancy, you will be the center of attention and there is nothing he can do about it. In this situation it is a good idea to make sure he stays very involved in the pregnancy. Check out this website it discusses the romantic changes in your relationship during pregnancy.

What your partner could do:

Understand – Take a deep breath. It is time to realize that your pregnant wife is going to be the center of attention. Everyone is going to cater to her. Because you are in a susceptible position right now. Yes, of course, people will tell you congratulations, but more attention will be to the mom,

What you could do:

Participation- You need to realize that your spouse must participate in the pregnancy activities. Allow him to feel the baby move. Of course, it is an excellent idea to have him attend the doctor’s appointments with you. However, if he can not make it to some, it’s okay.

**Quality Time Together**

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First of all, being pregnant does not mean that you have to stop spending time together. In fact, you should be spending more time together than ever.

What you and your partner could do:

Date Night- Arrange a romantic dinner or a movie. Or if you like to stay home. You can plan an evening at home where you can enjoy a night of game playing. There are plenty of different things that you two could do. However, the bottom line is that just the two of you spend some time together.

** Finances**

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Money, money, money! Yes. Of course, you need money to raise a child and a lot of it. Investments can cause some significant problems in any relationship. But it can cause some issues in a relationship when a woman is pregnant because tensions are extremely high .

What you and your partner could do:

Communication- Of course, communication is the key to a healthy relationship. However, the two of you should begin to save immediately. It is important to come to an agreement on a saving technique because you are both in this together. However, it is vital to remember that you are a team.

**Anxiety About the Pregnancy**

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Pregnancy itself can cause anxiety — first, you’re excited about being pregnant. Then you begin to worry about things such as miscarriage, employment, and the health of your unborn child. Of course, there are always thoughts and concerns about labor and delivery.

What you both could do:

First, take a deep breath.

Do not get frustrated and take it out on your significant other. Of course, I understand that a man likes to provide for his family. In fact, as a man, this is a chance to look for a better career if you feel like you need to make more money to find a higher paying job. This website explains some tools to use to maintain a healthy relationship during pregnancy.

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