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I will admit this coronavirus chaos is terrifying.  Worldwide, people are dying, people are hoarding, and people are adjusting to being quarantine. We are not use to living like this. Socializing face to face has become a minimum, not to mention you must be 6 feet apart. Social media has become the best outlet for a lot of people. Now we all know that social media is big, but how is social distancing going to impact our children. I have always believed human communication face to face is vital for humanity. My children miss their friends and teachers, but they understand that they are out of school for a good reason.  Although this is a huge adjustment for us all, there are some ways to maintain normalcy in our lives.


We can all communicate by phone, video chat, or any way of social media. My children speak with their friends and family over the phone mostly through video chat. Honestly, I think this is the most they have ever communicated with extended family. Communication is vital, especially during a time when we are socially distancing ourselves physically from one another.

Stay Calm

If we panic, our children will panic.  Remember, we have made it through so many situations and challenges in this world.  WE WILL SURVIVE THIS!!! Remember, nothing is permanent, but change is constant, and this too shall pass. If you feel like you are about to go crazy, take a deep breath in and relax.  Focus your mind on something positive. Listen to some music any type that will relax you or rain sounds that always relaxes me.

Live Life

Of course, I know that we cannot do everything we would typically do. But try to do some normal things. Do not let the coronavirus chaos stop you from living. Hey, we can all take advantage of staying at home by enjoying the time we are spending with our families. Talking and watching movies are some of the things that my family and I have been doing together. I have also been taking this time to do some spring cleaning and reorganizing my household.  The best part of is that I have more hands to help since my children are home.

Turn Off the News

Yes, I said it turn off the news for a minute. Take a break from hearing about the coronavirus chaos.  Take a minute and go outside, sit on your porch or deck.  Let the children play out in the back yard or take them on a short walk.  Also, this is the perfect time to play games like double-dutch, hopscotch, and freeze tag, to name a few. Of course, if the weather permits.  There are also indoor games to play, such as hide and seek, board games, and other activities.  Now, if you’re a mom of children in different age groups like me. You must do things according to their ages. Teens will want to do various activities. Here are a few indoor games they could play. All of my children love video games.  They even have me playing Just Dance with them on their Nintendo Switches.

Create A Schedule

There is something about a schedule. Even if you are not able to stay on track with it.  I believe that having a plan keeps you focused on a goal.  Since my children are home for school, I have created a new schedule to fit everyone into it.  There is also more schoolwork which I have included into my plan. With all my children at home, I must have a schedule.

Embrace Talents

What is it that your child(ren) love to do? My girls love to draw, write, sing, do hair, and makeup, to name a few. Now my boys love to create video games, write, draw, sing, and dance. I make sure I encourage them to build on these talents. Since they have been home, we have had plenty of time to embrace their abilities. We have a karaoke machine that we have put to good use, and they also have sketchbooks. Despite everything that is happening now, it is vital to try and keep some normalcy.

Friday Night Dine– IN

My family and I like to eat at restaurants sometimes on the weekend. Since there is no more eating at the restaurants, I will make our dinner table look like a restaurant table. There will be a menu and a few selections the children will be able to select. Not to mention my children will be helping with preparing the food.

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