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There are plenty of ways to think positive. First of all, let’s look at some definitions of the word positive.

Merriam- – defines the positive as being confident and fully assured.  Positive is moving towards a source of stimulation and has a good effect on a situation.

There are studies that have shown that positive thoughts have excellent effects on your mental and physical health. Just check out website.

Now you’re probably thinking how can positive thinking help me when nothing positive seems to be happening to me. Well, thinking positive can change your perspective on your life and the situation that you are going through. Remember just because things seem to be on a downward spiral, there is always a way to see some good in a situation. And thinking positive allows you to see something good even when that is hard to do.

How Can I Think of Positive?

There are plenty of ways to think positive you have to do it on purpose. Positive, thinking doesn’t just happen in a day. It is up to you to make this part of your everyday thought process.

Surround yourself with positivity.

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 It is no secret that there is always negativity everywhere. How many times have someone told you, you will never be able to do something or you will not succeed at anything? Then look at the things that you have achieved and remember how much will power you had. That is positive thoughts, and that is the reason why you reached those goals.  Surrounding yourself with positive thoughts can be pictures in your home with quotes, books, or watch movies. People can also give good vibes for positive thoughts. It is an excellent idea to surround yourself with positive thinking people because they will provide you with encouragement and support. Not to mention their positive words will help your mind stay positive when you want to think negative.

Wake up with positive thoughts.

Did you know you can control the way your day goes? If you wake up and say, “I know my day is going to be bad,” you’re setting yourself up for failure because your day goes wrong. Instead of waking up with that saying, try, “I know my day is going to be great.” Not to mention if you do this every morning, your outlook on life will begin to change. Waking up with positive thoughts can improve your mood, and having the right attitude will bring positive outcomes to you.

Focus on making you happy.

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Think about when you were a child, what made you happy? Was it dancing, singing, drawing, or just having some ice cream? Whatever it was, it made you happy. As we grow as adults, we often forget about making us happy. In other words, get back to you and find out things that make you happy. Even if it is little things. If you like to paint, paint because that makes you happy. And happiness makes you have positive thoughts.

Smile and laugh.

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Genuinely smiling and laughing relieves a lot of tension and frustration. Of course, laughter has been proven to help improve your health. Besides, this website http:// has excellent information about how laughter can help with your health. A smile leads to laugh, so it is imperative to do even if you don’t feel like it. Smiling lifts your mood and brings positive thoughts as well as positive vibes to you. So, whenever something happens, that makes you mad laugh at it and think of something funny to keep yourself smiling. Remember it is easy to stay angry take the challenge and stay smiling. 

Focus on the good.

We all have good and bad situations that happen. It is just essential that we do not focus on the wrong circumstances. Because when we focus only on the bad, we don’t see the good.  For example, let’s say you lost your job. You may look like you have it all together. In reality, you are hurting, but you can use this as a positive experience. Take this time to examine you and ask yourself, did you like your job. Maybe being let go of was the best thing that happened to you because you wanted to leave, but you were to comfortable. Now, you can move on to a better career. There is always good in a bad situation you have to find it.

Positive self-talk

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Positive self-talk is something that everyone should do; it is suitable for you to encourage yourself. Self-talk is critical, and it helps you to take care of you. Furthermore, self-talk helps you to build self-esteem, and it helps with moving through adverse situations.  Remind yourself that you are an excellent person, funny, and reliable. When it comes to self -talk, you can turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts. For example, let’s say you’re thinking, “I will never be anything but a failure.” You have the power to turn that thought into, “I will be successful at everything that I do.” The majority of evil thoughts come from something that other people have said to us before. Also, never entertain anyone who tells you that you are not going to be successful.  It is essential to let go of all those negative thoughts in your head and replace them with positive thoughts.

Above all, positive thoughts are beneficial to us mentally, as well as physically. Again, remember, positive thinking doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time and practice. Also, thinking positive helps us to control our lives and the direction that it is going in. However, we may need some help with thinking positive. If that happens, it is good to reach out to a therapist. Instead, of giving up. One website that can help you is I hope that this article was helpful to you.

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