Mother and wife.

Ok, so I am a mother and a wife. Let’s not forget that I am a woman first. After all, I love to be wined and dined. And jewelry, don’t even get me started on that one, I LOVE it. My husband spoils me; I think I deserve it after having ten children. There’s nothing wrong with taking care of my womanly needs. Now, this is where I run into problems.

Feeling guilty.

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Why? I can feel so guilty sometimes about treating myself. Is it a woman thing? Do we all feel like that after having a family? Let’s face it; we lose ourselves when we marry and have children. It is so easy to do that. We get so wrapped up in taking care of everyone else, that we forget about our needs and wants. What is it that I want? Hmmm.. Let me think about this one for a minute. I don’t know; there are so many things running through my mind. The crazy thing is the majority of my thoughts are about my family; I guess it is in my nature to think of others first. Honestly, I believe it is in a woman’s life to think of others first. As a woman, we go through so many mood swings. It’s crazy.

Feeling Unattractive

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After having my daughter, who is now three years old, I wanted my figure back right away. I looked in the mirror at myself and thought, “Ugh, look at that flabby stomach.” I felt down because I wanted my flat stomach back. I felt like I was unattractive to my husband; that’s silly right. I mean we had nine children before her; it’s all on me. Wow, my low self-esteem, honestly, he should love me and be attractive to me no matter what, right? Since I am a stay at home mom, I started thinking about all types of crazy thoughts like, what if my husband sees another woman with a better body and decides to leave me? Watching talk shows can make my thoughts even worse; this is when I had to remind myself to think positive and believe my husband when he tells me that he LOVES ME and only ME.


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I needed to get it together, so I had to think positive and happy thoughts. As a woman, it is essential to feel confident, powerful, and SEXY. I had to get out of that T-shirt and sweatpants mode, even though I am a stay at home mom that doesn’t mean that I can’t be sexy. I think it is a good idea to get up do my hair, get my nails done, do my make- up and put on that figure-fitting dress. Oh yeah, how could I forget those sexy heels, Wow! That makes me feel so much better. That is another thing that makes all women feel good, “Desire.” When we feel desired, it reminds us of all the reasons how and why we got pregnant in the first place. “HA-HA,” to all my women out there that feel down because of your figure DON’T. We are all different shapes and sizes for a reason; don’t let that stop you from being beautiful.

Encouraging facts about women

Now if you still need to have some encouragement about being a woman, I have added just a few encouraging facts about women. 

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Amazing bodies

A woman’s body can do some amazing things. When a woman becomes pregnant, her body goes through a significant amount of physical and mental changes. A woman’s spine changes during pregnancy. Of course, some changes are useful, such as hair and nail growth. Then the other modifications are adverse such as extremely dry or oily skin and gaining more weight than expected. Every woman’s body is different when it comes to pregnancy. For example, one woman may not show her pregnancy until she is seven or eight months. Now, another woman may start showing her pregnancy at three months, and she may look like she is six months pregnant.

Furthermore, it is essential to remember that all women are different when it comes to the way our bodies react when we are pregnant. Still, it is necessary to remember that all women’s bodies are amazing. However, I like the way pregnancy changes are broken down on website.

 Excellent Memory

First of all, women are multi-taskers, so we must have unique memories. In other words, many women work full-time jobs, run the household, take care of errands, and any different situations that may arise. Although women may not remember everything all the time, but she definitely will try too. Https://Www.Medicalnewstoday.Com/Articles/313998.Php shares some information about women and their ability to remember in this article.


Yes, women are convincing. Women are relationship builders. This trait is appealing and very useful in the workplace as well as outside the workplace. As a result of this, women can understand concerns and objections that others may have and know how to respond appropriately to them. Not to mention the fact that women are excellent listeners and have kind hearts. And that truly assists with the power of persuasion. 

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